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We are experts that have a deep understanding of the mortgage industry and can help you navigate the complex world of mortgage loans. We also provide valuable advice and guidance on the best loan options for your specific financial situation. As mortgage brokers we have a wide range of lenders and can help you find the best terms and rates for your loan needs.

Investment property Loans

Allows investors to purchase mortgage with a slight higher rate than conventional primary loans. 20% down is usually required however there are exceptions.

Jumbo loans

Loans above $765,600. Ranging from 10-20% down, these loans tend to be a little more high risk for lenders and often come with stricter requirements.

Bank Statement Programs

Qualify with just using 12 months of bank statements as income. 10% down is usually required with these loans. Great alternative instead of using tax returns for income.

ITIN Loans

Borrowers that do not have a Social Security Number. This allows immigrants and non-citizens to purchase homes in the US

DSCR Loans

Using a debt service ratio to qualify. An investor can purchase a home with no income requirements. 15-20% down is usually required on these loans.

Self-Employed Loans

If you don't have bank statements to qualify, we can use P&L's, 1099's, Asset Depletion, or business financials. Let us find you the right loan.

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As a team we believe in working as one, to get you to the finish line and make your dreams a reality.



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Buying a home is undeniably a monumental milestone that marks a significant turning point in an individual’s life, signifying not only financial stability but also the attainment of a lifelong dream. Throughout this intricate and complex journey, it becomes crucial to have unparalleled support, guidance, and unwavering assistance. Bearing immense significance in the entire process you will find us, The Texas Mortgage Pros, an invaluable entity that acts as a formidable ally and partner, aiding in the realization of homeownership dreams. In essence, a mortgage company that serves as a distinguished financial institution that specializes in providing loans tailored specifically to individuals’ requirements, facilitating their ultimate aspiration of purchasing a home to call their own. It is absolutely imperative and highly advantageous to collaborate and entrust your aspirations in the hands of a professional mortgage company, as their expertise, experience, and financial acumen can prove to be the ultimate differentiating factor in procuring the most favorable loan that ideally aligns with your unique preferences, circumstances and long term aspirations.

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